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Christian Scherer's private WWW Home Page



This is a private WWW home page. It does not necessary reflect the views of my employer, nor those of the host owner, although I ever tried not to offend them. The private informations accessible on the present host are not copyrighted, and may be freely copied. We only suggest you to indicate their origin.

Under the terms of the French legislation "Informatique et Libertés," all people cited within these documents are granted a "right of access and rectification"

First of all you are supposed to read our standard disclaimer.

Current fields of interest :

Expo 2004
About engineers
About the Ecole des Mines de Paris
About the Ecole Polytechnique
The Repository
Christian Scherer's standard WWW Home Page

Other Topics

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Voice : +33-6 08 27 30 69

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This homepage was built with help of rm , ah , no. and of a little Internet community
It was visited times since 1.1.1999

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